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AMS Investigations is a specialty private investigations firm because they specialize in infidelity and cheater investigations

Most blog posts in this category touch on this specialty service, but they also include general private investigator news.

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Business travelers in hotel room

How Business Travel Investigations Work

Do you have a gut feeling that your partner isn’t quite telling the truth about their business travels? Or maybe they are taking too many ‘business’ trips. Do you suspect your spouse is having a secret love affair when they are out of town? If yes, it might be time to think about a business travel investigation. When it comes to the people we love and trust, we often refuse…

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Cheating husband being called out by wife showing him on her cell phone

8 Financial Footprints Cheating Husbands Leave

Cheating husband? Often people worry about their spouses cheating, but don’t know the signs to look for. If you’re living in suspicion, tracking the money matters of your husband may be a good place to start. AMS Investigations has complied a more comprehensive list of private investigator questions to determine if infidelity is taking place. But the below 8 things are specific and related to a possible cheating husband, and…

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How to Survive Infidelity before Saying ‘It’s Over!’

By no means do we give advice on how to survive infidelity. We have gathered the below statistics, thoughts, and advise from various sources. Doing infidelity investigations, we have found that more times than not there are more questions than there are answers. We are experts in the field of infidelity investigations. For questions outside our expertise we recommend consulting those most knowledgeable about them. Keeping that in mind the…

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Binder showing details of how much a private investigation costs

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Investigator

There are a variety of reasons you may want to hire a private investigator. It could be because of suspicion of infidelity, or adultery. Or, because of a pending divorce. Regardless of why, how much will it cost? There are many factors when it comes to private investigator cost. As well as what you get for your money. Every investigation will tally up a different cost. And this is because…

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Good Private Investigators Houston TX

There are plenty of mediocre Houston PI (private investigators) out their but some private investigators are just as amazing as PI’s portrayed in films. Several qualities are needed for someone to be an amazing Houston PI. For starters it’s important that PI’s are aware of the laws in place in the state they practice in.  They also need to be experienced in investigative work and book smart in order to…

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Sugar Land Private Investigators Interviews

Clients are typically nervous the first time they go to a Sugar Land private investigators office. They may feel like they are overreacting or invading their partner’s privacy without any credible reason to do so. But you must remember that your partner’s privacy also concerns you because you two are living together and possibly raising a family together. If they are doing something behind your back that will damage this…

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When To Hire Infidelity Private Investigator

It takes a lot of courage for someone to go to an infidelity private investigator when they believe their spouse is cheating. It might seem like a drastic step to take, especially if you don’t have enough credible evidence. So, when is it the right time to go seek out the services of a infidelity private investigator? Well there are a few warning signs, or infidelity clues, that you can…

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Private Investigator Surveillance Tools

People spend thousands of dollars on private investigators. Private investigators do a variety of different jobs, like spying on people and documenting their findings. The most common investigation they conduct is when a wife or husband suspects their spouse is cheating on them. And, they want the investigator to find out for sure. This means the investigator must follow the spouse and take pictures of where they go. But how…

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