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Infidelity private investigator services in & around Houston TX. We specialize in catching cheating husbands, cheating wives, & cheating partners. 85% of those that suspect cheating, turn out to be correct. We get answers & deliver the proof! 100% confidential & most investigations are completed in two weeks or less. Call AMS Investigations today (281) 812-9799 for BBB A+ rated Infidelity, adultery, divorce & child custody investigations.

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A private investigator is a detective that is hired directly by a group or individual to undertake a thorough investigation into a particular matter. Usually these matters are civil cases related to infidelity, insurance fraud, child custody, domestic abuse or other family type cases that go to civil court.

Oftentimes, the person who hires the private investigator is going to be an attorney representing one of the parties involved in the case. For example, let’s say a married couple is going to get divorced because the husband believes his wife is cheating on him. If the wife denies cheating, then the husband will need proof in order to have grounds for the divorce. Therefore, the husband, or the husband’s attorney, will hire the services of a private investigator in order to gather proof that the wife is cheating.

This could be photographs of the wife and her lover or any other evidence which proves the case. AMS Investigations is a BBB A+ Accredited private investigations company that specializes in matters involving adultery, divorce, infidelity and child custody. Our detectives are experts in surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking, & catching Cheaters. The following lists some of our services.

Cases – AMS Private Investigators Find The Answers

Strange phone calls & credit card statements raise suspicion… click on the photo to read about the case.

Cases – Investigation Leads To Answers About This Brides Fiance’

Katy private investigator photo of bride in boxing gloves hitting fiance'

Wedding was getting close & something was not right, so she called AMS Investigations… Click on photo to see the outcome.

Cases – PI Investigation Leads To Answers About Business Travel

Woodlands private investigator photo of man shaking hands with another and fingers crossed behind back

Surveillance was needed when a Woodlands business man travel increased… Click on the photo to see what we found out.

Private Investigator Agencies

Private investigators don’t only handle civil cases. In addition, there are situations where individuals or companies will hire them to conduct an investigation into something related to criminal activity. These kinds of investigations include insurance fraud, missing persons, and computer forensics.

Unfortunately, the traditional police detectives who work for the public will not have the time to thoroughly investigate each criminal case they come across. Missing persons cases are a prime example of this. Often times they will dismiss them as people who are runaways unless there is a substantial evidence to clearly prove otherwise.

But without this substantial evidence, they will not dig deep into the investigation because there are too many missing person’s cases and they don’t have the time to devote to them all. Consequently, this ends up forcing the missing person’s family or friend to hire a private investigator who can devote their full attention towards the case.

Private Investigator Services

As for companies who hire private investigators, they may be investigating suspicious activity from their client or employee. For example, an employee is claiming to be disabled in order to be compensated for their disability, which puts them out of work. The insurance company, or the company the employee works for, may hire a private investigator to make sure the claim is accurate.

Fortunately, if they find it is not accurate then they will have the evidence to submit to the authorities, who can then form a criminal case and arrest the offender. Police often won’t conduct the initial investigation though. They depend on the evidence gathered from private investigators before they actually take action themselves. As a result, they know their time and resources are going to be used appropriately.