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These blog posts will keep you updated with the latest infidelity investigations trends and news

AMS Investigations is a specialty private detective firm because they specialize in infidelity and cheater investigations

Most blog posts in this category touch on this specialty service, but they also include general private investigator news.

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Houston Private Detective Posts

Houston Private Detective Posts:

GPS tracker map used to catch cheaters

Tools Used To Catch Cheaters

This article covers some of the popular tracking and surveillance tools most professional private investigators use to catch cheaters.

Cheating spouse arrested mugshot

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse

The emotions from betrayal from a cheating spouse can be devastating. Read about how to know, and catch, a cheating spouse.

Valentine Cheater Investigations

February 14th is the day of the year that the most cheating investigations begin, & come to a conclusion. Why so many cheater investigations?

Infidelity Private Investigators

Infidelity private investigators are a truly efficient way to catch cheating spouses through a variety of effective methods affordable price.