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AMS Investigations is a specialty private detective firm because they specialize in infidelity and cheater investigations

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Cheating spouse arrested mugshot

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Chances are that if you suspect your husband or wife is cheating, more times than not they are. Infidelity is one of the most painful experiences someone can go through. The emotions from betrayal from your cheating spouse can be devastating. Allegations of adultery can be difficult to prove and requires evidence. However, acting unwisely may do more harm than good. A licensed private investigator with an understanding of surveillance…

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Woman with growing nose highlights common signs of adultery

Signs Of Adultery Check These 6 Signs

Adultery is a common problem that kills many marriages every year. Despite the adverse outcomes, people do it for quite a few reasons. Some do it because they may not be getting the intimacy they desire from their present partner, others may have an emotional void to fill, while for some, it’s a way to beat the boredom of their current relationship. Still, there may be countless other reasons. But…

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6 Reason Spouses Cheat On Their Partner

Thanks to infidelity, many relationships have been destroyed to the point of no return. But what causes people to look for love outside their relationship? Reasons for infidelity in a marriage include dissatisfaction in the current relationship, unresolved issues and boredom among others. Frustration or discontentment in the marriage is one of the primary reasons that cause partners to stray. However, some people may be hard-wired for infidelity — they…

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Valentine Cheater Investigations

Every year as February 14th approaches, many of us are feeling the love. Looking forward to spending a romantic Valentine’s Day with that special someone. However, for many, this is the holiday that they find out that they are in love with a cheater. No wonder this day sees the highest number of cheating investigations in the Houston TX area. The internet is making it easier than ever before to…

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Licensed PI Trends Cheating Husbands & Cheating Wives

As licensed PI with over 20 years’ experience we remember the old days when it was far more common for husbands to cheat on their wives than it was the other way around. Although it is still more likely that it is a husband cheating. Times have changed, and wives are almost as likely to cheat on their husbands. Licensed PI professionals have gotten to realize this sad fact, which…

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Infidelity Private Investigators

The only way infidelity private investigators can truly prove the infidelity of a client’s spouse is if they capture a photograph of them with their lover. Because this will be more than sufficient evidence that an affair took place. And that means the cheating spouse won’t be able to deny it. Then they can be taken to divorce court and the photographic evidence of the infidelity can be given to…

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