Case Solved by The Woodlands Private Investigator

Our client lives and works in The Woodlands area, and her spouse was a high-level executive. The nature of his business allowed him frequent unsupervised business travels. They were a well-known couple in the business community. Therefore, our Woodlands private investigator surveillance needed to be discreet and confidential.

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Woodlands Private Investigator Business Trips

Our Woodlands private investigators fact gathered itineraries with the client. Then a formatted a detailed surveillance plan. The plan needed to be detailed because the indiscretions occurred while on business trips.

At the onset of the investigation, the spouse was going to work. Then he would go to lunch and other normal daily activities within the community. However, when the spouse scheduled a business trip, his motives were questioned.

Our Woodlands private investigators first observed the client meeting a female at an out-of-town restaurant for lunch. The spouse and unknown female then left the restaurant together. The unidentified female drove to a hotel, and the two went into the hotel together. After a few hours, both left the hotel and returned to the restaurant parking lot. It was there that they began kissing. The spouse then retrieved his car and headed back to his office.

After additional research, AMS Investigators were able to determine the identity of the female. Our Woodlands private investigators provided the client with the evidence from the surveillance to help with her impending divorce.

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What Our Clients Say:


“Under the most stressful of times, you ministered to me providing counsel and wisdom, guidance and direction. You helped me make clear decisions with your evidence so I can move on to a more meaningful life. For that and more I am grateful. You will always remain in my prayers. Know that you touched a soul and made an impact.”


“Thank you so much for the extra time & effort that you and your wife spent on this case. (Name) really needed a private detective confirmation on his ‘gut’ feeling. I’m hoping this information you collected will help him to put it to rest and move on. Thanks again.”


“Thanks for checking on me! I am still traumatized by the information I have gathered. I have a lot of support and am carefully checking out my life options. You were so kind when I talked with you on the phone and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Checking on a mate is very demoralizing and I regret it was necessary. However, there is power in information. It helps to know who to call and in the future I can call when I need your assistance. Regards.”


“Highly qualified, compassionate, down to earth Houston PI. You are not going to find a more qualified private investigator.
It was a pleasure to do business with this company. I received a very quick response and the job was completed to my satisfaction!”