As a parent, your priority is to make sure that your child is happy, healthy, and safe. Unfortunately, some divorce cases that involve child custody turns into an all-out battle. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your parental rights don’t get violated.

Unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of a bad situation. Suppose you are worried about your child’s welfare due to an existing or pending custody battle. In that case, you should seek a reputable private investigator. So, how does a confidential investigator help in a child custody case?

Private Investigator Child Custody Cases

Most child custody disputes are complicated. Because these are disputes where the judge needs testimony from both parents before coming to a decision, the better the evidence is, the higher the judge’s chances will arrive at the best conclusion. And this is where a private investigator can help.

Proof provided by a private investigator may be strong enough to change the decision either in favor of or against the custody. Based on the situation, a private investigator can:

Reveal a Deceptive Attitude

You may be aware that the other parent is dishonest about the way they are living their life. But, simply knowing this is not enough. You need hard evidence about their lifestyle to prove it in court. A private investigator can gather relevant evidence to confirm that your spouse’s lifestyle is not fit for your child’s well-being. And, this can be a high point in your favor in a custody battle.

Supports or Ruled Out Doubts

You may be doubtful about your spouse’s behavior, but you need to prove it. A private investigator can help by collecting evidence that can validate your suspicion. The best part is, this evidence can help the court make the right decision.

Type of Evidence Collected by a Private Investigator

A private investigator usually works on collecting video, audio, receipts of items purchased, or photographs. An example would be photographs of your spouse in public places doing bad things.

Private investigators can also conduct surveillance on the subject. If they find any inappropriate behavior or any instance of abuse/neglect, they document it with video and photographic evidence. And, most private investigators provide a first-hand report in writing. Inappropriate behavior, along with their oral testimony, is usually admissible in court.

How to Find the Best Private Investigator For Child Custody Cases

Finding an excellent private investigator requires careful research and common sense. You can seek a recommendation from people like a child custody attorney or friends and relatives who might have used a private investigator’s service.

Additionally, check the private investigators experience. First, check if they have a valid license and comply with government regulations. Because using a private investigator without a license may backfire.

Whether you are fighting a child custody case or want some changes in your existing child custody arrangement, hiring a private investigator is a good idea.

Are you looking for a private investigator to assist you in your child custody case? Get in touch with AMS Investigations and take steps to protect the best interests of your child.